Microsurgical Instruments

Our product portfolio includes different medical applications for microsurgical instruments such as spring scissors, forceps, needle holders etc. The various designs of handles ( flat handle, round handle, bayonet, etc.) facilitate the procedure for the attending physician and serve to ensure safe use of the instruments during surgery. Due to their lighter weight, titanium instruments are often used for longer operations. Eye scissors and coronary scissors with knob (ball) and scissors with Yasargil handle.


We offer a variety of different handles, jaws, materials, surfaces and coatings for our microsurgical instruments to meet the personal preferences of the surgeon.

Information / Products

Micro needle holders, micro spring scissors, micro eye scissors, micro forceps, ceramic coating, black, streamline, round handle. flat handle, micro hook, tear duct probes, titanium, eyelid holders, eyelid locks, bulldog clamps, ring needle holders.
Common instrument names and authors

Forceps with weight, spring scissors, Pierce, Hummingbird, Faulkner, Mcdonalds, Spaleck, Jameson, Guthrie, Graefe. Meyhofer, Kuhnt, Hamburg, Mellinger, Castroviejo, Yasargil, Spencer, Ryder, Toledo, Barraquer, with ball. with ball, Wescott, Tübingen, Treumer, Bonn, Wecker, Troutman, Gerald, Hegemann, Bowman, Weiss, Wilder, Alm, Holtzheimer.



We have specialized in the production of microsurgical instruments in medical technology. Due to the constantly growing demands on the market, our Micro-surgical instruments product Portfolio is constantly expanding.

Through our webshop / online store we would like to be present in the field of medical supplies / practice supplies in the future.

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